Tamanu Oil Benefits for Skin, Hairs, and Wrinkles

Here we are going to talk about the health benefits of Tamanu Oil. Tamanu Oil is a very good beauty product for various cosmetics. This article will provide you enough data for tamanu oil. 

What is Tamanu Oil 

Tamanu Oil is extracted from the seeds that are grown in a tamanu tree. Its oil has been useful for many medicines for centuries. Tamanu Oil is popular in Asia, Africa & the Pacific Islands. 

People who use it have told numerous benefits about this. It is good for skin and can control the cancer tumors in our body. It is believed that it can minimize the effects of HIV by regular use.  

Tamanu Oil has multiple names i.e. Green Gold or Beauty leaf. Some popular names of Tamanu Oil are given as.

  1. Kamani oil
  2. Laurelwood
  3. Alexandrian laurel oil
  4. Palo Maria oil, 
  5. Takamaka oil

There are various skin problems that happen to humans that can be treated with this oil. Many kinds of disease and fungus can be treated by the use of Tamanu Oil. 

Some Popular uses of Tamanu Oil 

  1. Makeup remover
  2. Moisturizer
  3. Hair moisturizer
  4. Carrier oil for essential oils
  5. Enrich your anti-aging creams
  6. After-shave lotion.

Benefits of Organic Tamanu Oil 

Tamanu Oil Benefits can be seen by applying on and how you apply it. Here is a list to let know some of the health benefits of Tamanu Oil. 

Tamanu Oil For Dry Skin

Tamanu Oil is rich in fat which is helpful for dry skin. It maintains the moisture of skin during the cold and the best part is, skin absorbs it totally.  

Due to the absorption, it never makes your skin greasy. The comedogenic rating of Tamanu Oil is 2 out of 5. Skin starts glowing and hydrated because of oleic and linoleic acids present in it.  

Tamanu Oil for face wrinkles

If a skin stays dry for long, then it shows lines and wrinkles on the face. Moisturizing it for longer times helps in recovering the skin tissues and cracks.  

wrinkled skin

There are free radicals that are flowing through the body that result in damaging the healthy skin cells Applying this, helps in reducing the free radicals and produces collagen and skin starts healing. 

It also promotes elasticity and cell turnover in the skin.  In the case of older people, it reduces the wrinkles and fine lines formed in the skin 

Tamanu Oil For Acne And Acne Scars

Tamanu Oil has antibacterial properties that kill acne-causing bacteria. A study done by Pharmacognosy Magazine has stated that Tamanu Oil can be a potential agent in preventing inflammation. 

So using this oil can help in fighting annoying pimples and the acne from the skin. Tamanu Oil is rich in antioxidants that promote healthy skin regeneration and wound speed recovery. 

The International Journal of Cosmetic Science found that regular use of Tamanu Oil for nine weeks can reduce the acne to a minimum.  

Tamanu Oil For Stretch Marks And Other Scars

Tamanu oil helps in stretch marks removal. Stretch marks happen due to the abrupt damage to the skin or sudden weight loss. All such skin damage can be treated by the special properties in Tamanu oil. It provides moisture, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to fade the visibility of stretch marks. 

Tamanu oil for athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungus infection that affects the skin of your feet. Tamanu Oil can be used to reduce the effects on fungus on your feet by its antifungal properties. 

Tamanu Oil For Ingrown Hairs

Shaving and waxing is common in summer. Shaving becomes worse when the ingrown hairs on the skin start inflammation and start annoying us. Using tamanu Oil can help in reducing inflammation to the ingrown hairs and the irritated skin.  

If you are also feeling the same, then use some drops of tamanu Oil and tea tree oil on your affected skin area. Do this after you wash your skin with hot water so the oil mixture can be absorbed properly.  

Tamanu Oil For Sunburns

Tamanu Oil can absorb the UV light sun rays within the spectrum of 260 to 400 nm. According to a research paper published in the US National Library of Medicine, Tamanu Oil is the only oil that shows such properties.

The sentence written about UV rays means that the sunburn that can be 88% of damage in your skin can be minimized to 1% by applying Tamanu Oil on you. 

Side Effects / Precaution for using tamanu Oil 

While being Pregnant & Breastfeeding 

If you are a pregnant woman or breastfeeding, then using tamanu oil can be harmful to you and your baby. So, in that case, please consult your doctor for the same. 

Nuts Allergy 

As tamanu Oil is extracted from the seeds of trees, people with allergies to nuts could hurt it. The nuts allergic people can have adverse effects on them. 

So in this case, you can apply it on your skin or hand to see what results you will get. Wait for 24 hours to see if there are no side effects. After that, you can use it on a regular basis. 

Do not Swallow  

Tamanu Oil is not suggested to be swallowed or for open wounds. This could create irritation internally in your stomach or on your wounds. 

Final Words 

Tamanu Oil is helpful in various forms for our hairs and skin problems. Many ancient people have used it for treating leprosy, vaginal infections, sunburn, and rashes.  

Due to less scientific approval, we have about tamanu Oil, it can’t be used on a very high scale. People still try it and check for better results in the body. 

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