What are top 10 most common diseases and their natural treatment?

There are many common diseases that people suffer from time to time because of climate change or some sort infection. This is true that you cannot run to a doctor for every small problem after reaching a certain age. On the one hand, it is not easy to get the hold of the doctor and another problem is that medicines are too heavy on one’s pocket. Today, we are going to talk about such top 10 common diseases with their home remedies. Read this article further to know about them.



Cold is a very common issue which one suffers from many times whole year round. Of course, it is not a serious issue and medicines can’t even do much in this respect. So, why not use some home remedies for treating them. There are innumerable things which one can do at home because even the problem of cold should not be left undealt why because it can even take the form of sinus in a prolonged period. This is one of the common infectious diseases also.


To deal with this problem, we have many oils present in the market such as Echinacea, Thieves Essential Oil, Beta Carotene and Eucalyptus Chest Rub. Thieves essential oil is the mixture of clove, rosemary, lemon and cinnamon. It is antimicrobial in nature as it has many herbs. It keeps any kind of infection away from you. When suffering from cold, you can simply rub it a little either on the bottoms of your feet or on your carotid artery alternatively.


On the other hand, Echinacea can develop more white cells in your body which ultimately helps one in fighting with any kind of infection. Alternatively, use Beta Carotene in order to enhance your immunity. Beta carotene is present in high proportion in the foods like carrots and sweet potatoes. Similarly, we are aware of the application of Eucalyptus Chest Rub as we have been using for quite long now. We rub it on chest generally, but you can even apply it on the bottom of your feet.



When somebody suffers from cold, he also ultimately suffers from the problem of cold. But sometimes cough can be dry and without the symptoms of cold. It is because of the growing pollution in the environment. In this problem, one can, of course, take honey as honey is rich in antioxidants. Amazingly, it’s going to keep one away from allergies this way. This is also one of the common diseases in children.

Hay Fever


Hay fever is very common in humans. Sometimes, it is because the increase in the temperature and sometimes because of body weakness. We recommend Pine bark as the natural remedy of hay fever as it is rich in organic acids. It definitely reduces the symptoms of hay fever by soothing the eye and nasal problem at the same time.

Digestion problem


People suffer from this problem irrespective of their age groups. Even the new born baby can suffer from this problem. We feel that it’s normal physical condition and that’s why we keep ignoring it till the time it takes a severe form. Let us tell you what all problems the people can suffer form due to indigestion. Undoubtedly, constipation and bloating or gas are the quite common issues generated from poor digestion. Gas pain sometimes lasts for long and it creates inflammation in stomach. Not only this, but the poor digestion also interfere the functioning of the heart and liver.


ear problem

Ears are definitely one of the most sensitive body parts and our hearing ability depends on them completely. For reducing ear pain, you one can make use of a hot water bottle to give a little heat to the area of pain near your ear. It is also one of the most renowned diseases in India. Hot water also helps to lose weight



Undoubtedly, cloves are a good remedy for toothache. It is the best pain reliever. You need to simply use some dried cloves and apply them onto your tooth that aches. It will surely help you instantly. One can also use Epsom salt for toothache. Take one spoon of Epsom salt, mix it in one cup of water and then try washing your teeth like gargling but remember not to swallow.



Headaches can be quite irritating and one can use peppermint or even certain yoga poses to relieve themselves of this pain. As far as peppermint is concerned one can drink it in a tea form or apply it on the forehead.

Back pain


In this competitive era, it is again very difficult to keep away back pain. People are working in a high-tech era now and it is difficult to imagine life without computer or machines.  Thess machines are no doubt opearated by the human beings. Ultimately they become prey of health problems due to their use for long hours. But some solutions are there, every time you have backache, you should use take bath in Epsom salt. It helps you relax your muscles. Of course, you can access it easily from the market. Apart from that you can even use Devil’s Claw or White Willow Bark for the same purpose.



Dandruff is very irritating and leads to one continuously itching their scalp. Lemon as most of us are aware is considered the best remedy for dandruff. When one faces dandruff just simply apply some drops of lemon on your scalp and wash it properly. Alternatively, apple cider vinegar can be used in the same manner!

Anxiety or Depression

stress or depression

In order to overcome anxiety and depression, one can use lavender oil, Vitamin B and rosemary tea. Of course, rosemary tea is beneficial for relaxing. Even Vitamin B has the properties to change our mood, so it becomes easy to come out of stress. You can either smell it or apply it on your skin for easing out. Thus, we hope this article was a good read and enthused one with ample information!

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