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In today’s age and day people are falling victims and prey to all forms of diseases and infections. Our main focus today lies on pancreatic cancer. This, as the name suggests, is cancer in the pancreas. Pancreases are very helpful in laying down enzymes that help an aid in digestion. The worrisome part about this disease is that it is detected at a later stage, thus reducing the chances of it being cured. One is suggested to eat – turmeric for pancreatic cancer. Hence, read on

Symptoms for pancreatic cancer

As mentioned above, one should eat turmeric for pancreatic cancer – this helps in lessening the effects and reducing cancer. The symptoms are usually detected later. Some of the very common ones being  a person suffering from Jaundice, when a person tends to lose his appetite, nausea, and vomiting can also be seen as a symptom, apart from that diabetes and blood clots

Causes behind pancreatic cancer

pancreatic cancer

There are many reasons as to why cancer takes place in the pancreas – one of the very common ones include the inflammation of the pancreas if pancreatic cancer runs in the genes. Smoking and obesity also increases one’s chances of having pancreatic cancer.

Natural Home remedies of pancreatic cancer treatment

Turmeric for cancer is suggested to be the best home remedy; however, we are going to lay down how to beat pancreatic cancer naturally


The above is said to be helpful as they end up reducing the pain caused by this cancer in the pancreas. Hence, one should use antioxidants. The cancer may not be cured, but one will definitely find relief from pain

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

These acids are said to do good for people with acute pancreatic cancer. These may reduce the infection and also shorten the stay at the hospital for those who are under this umbrella of pancreatic cancer. Hence, one is suggested to eat food containing omega 3 acids

Improve diet
improve diet

In order to avoid pancreatic cancer, one should keep a lookout on what they consume. Diet plays a very important role in curing not only pancreatic cancer but other ailments as well. As mentioned above- turmeric for pancreatic cancer is the best remedy.  Try not to eat food preservatives, and stimulants like coffee, tea, and alcohol

Therapies for pain

Pancreatic cancer can be very painful and hence, one is suggested to follow therapies that are good for the brain and which help to keep your thoughts in control. Some of these being yoga, meditation, acupuncture, relaxation and other soothing activities

Eat nutrients that are deficient

As per a study, there is a somewhat association with nutrient deficiencies and pancreatic cancer. If one is deficient in Vitamins A, C or E as well as selenium and carotenoids – then they should consume a diet which is rich in the above. Eating food containing the above will tend to reduce the chances of pancreatic cancer

Vitamin supplements

One is also suggested to take vitamin supplements. These are helpful in treating pancreatic cancer. These supplements include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

Green Tea
green tea

It has been proven that consuming green tea prevents pancreatic cancer from progressing and developing in the first place. Thus, one should drink a lot of green tea.

 Foods that fight pancreatic cancer

As mentioned before turmeric for pancreatic cancer is the best form of food that one should consume. However, there are other food items as well that help lessen and prevent pancreatic cancer. One is suggested to eat lots of fruits and vegetables like blueberries, broccoli, oranges spinach!


Apart from that, one should also eat proteins like eggs, tofu, and fish. One should also intake food rich in fibre. These mainly being – potatoes, beans, lentils, and oatmeal. Healthy fats are also important.

Foods to avoid

Apart from consuming certain kinds of foods, there are also some that should be avoided. These are mainly processed and red meat, greasy foods, alcohol and sugar, and refined carbohydrates.

Turmeric for pancreatic cancer

As mentioned in the article – turmeric for pancreatic cancer is the best form of home remedy. However many question as to how to eat turmeric for cancer?

turmeric for pancreatic cancer

Turmeric is known all over for its properties that have helped and healed so many ailments – one of them also being pancreatic cancer. Cumin, the main agent in turmeric is very good for the pancreas as it tends to decrease the inflammation and since it contains antiviral and antifungal properties. Apart from just helping the pancreas turmeric is also good for–

Strengthening the heart

Reducing joint pain

Boost the brain

In addition, fighting diabetes

Turmeric with its healing properties can be consumed in various ways. One can sprinkle this powder in their coffee, tea or even their smoothie. Apart from that curcumin supplements are also available – however, do have a word with your doctor before taking these supplements.

Chinese herbs pancreatic cancer

People with pancreatic cancer can be happy and joyful since there is a Chinese herb that helps to fight cancer. GRP78 – This is a protein that helps cells from dying. They are mainly common in cancer cells and tissues, thus playing a role is helping pancreatic cancer to exist.

Researchers from places have found and explored triptolide – this is an extract of the Chinese herb. This can help cure pancreatic cancer as it tends to suppress GRP78. By doing this it helps and aids in the death of a pancreatic cancer cell


Hence, we hope that the above article has provided one with ample information as to how to deal with pancreatic cancer naturally. The above home remedies are very effective and cost productive. One doesn’t have to go out of their way to procure them. Even then, there are times when the situation is very severe, and neither of the above home remedies tend to work. In that case, one should definitely visit their doctor and take medication prescribed by him/her

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