Various Meditation Techniques for Improving Concentration & Focus

Role of meditation in improving focus and concentration in studies and work. Various Meditation techniques are discussed here for you.

How to Increase Concentration using Meditation

Focus is a very important entity for a mind. If you can focus on any work you do, then focus makes you win half the task. 

In a busy schedule of today, we feel like devoting attention to many different tasks at the same time. Meditation is a helpful exercise that is increasing focus on all the things we are doing. 


Meditation is a practice to train your mind to focus on a single moment without being distracted by our thoughts. After a few sessions of meditation, you can see that the focus level in you has increased and you have reached a new level and your efficiency has been increased.

Meditation is a Proven Science for better Mental Health

Many pieces of research have proved that people who do frequent meditation tends to work better in tension and workloads. Meditation helps in removing distractions and helps your mind to work in better ways. It helps in sharpening the focus and let you find peace in all situations. 

Methods to Improve Focus & Concentration with Meditation

Mindfulness Technique of Meditation

Mindfulness is one of the most popular techniques in meditation and pulling focus. This is a very effective way of getting a good focus on your activities. It is based on a simple principle. The tasks which can be done with less concentration to complete are actually high concentration consuming. For example driving, music, reading & sports.  


Here you need to practice, how you can put your brain in present and derive peace while doing all those tasks. When you start training to stay in the present, the sensation of mind becomes less active and helps you in getting out of thoughts and distractions. 

When you learn to decide what thoughts which needs no concentration must be left behind and focus only on the prior one. After achieving this state, the ability to create more concentration increases. 

Counting the breath cycles

This method of meditation is a special form that is used for people who find difficulty in concentration. This is basically proved that deep breathing helps in attracting the positive impact on their bodies. Many companies because for this reason have made meditation rooms where the employees can take a break and focus on their breathing. 

In this method of meditation, the person needs to count the breath cycles. This is because many people can’t focus during meditation and counting breath gives them a dynamic task. It is like counting until the meditation continues.

It keeps the person fully aware of themself and is considered a very powerful training for concentration. The concentration won’t come in a few seconds, to stay strong in focus they need to practice this for months. The longer you practice, the longer this focus improves.

Trataka For Attention

Trataka is an ancient meditation technique that was developed by Buddha. It is practiced with a candle by seeing the candle and imagining the candle. This technique helps in creating deep inner thoughts and helps in better concentration.

Trataka means Stillness gazing. In this technique, a person has to look on a candle. You need to light a candle and follow the instruction to practice this variant of meditation.

How to do Trataka Meditation

  1. Light a candle.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position.
  3. Look at the candle’s flame. Watch how the flame flickers and changes its shape. While you watch the flame, you can take 25 breaths 
  4. Now close your eyes & hold the image of the candle in your mind’s eye. If you lost the image then open the eyes and look to the candle again. 
  5. Repeat this until you complete 108 breaths. 

Buddhist Meditations For Concentration

Buddhist meditation is a very popular method of concentration. These are named as Samatha & Vipassana. 

Samatha Technique of Meditation

Samatha is a Buddhist technique of practicing focus. In this way, we focus on a single entity (i.e. breath) to cool down the distraction from the mind. 

meditation practice
meditation practice

 Samatha meditation technique helps in the focus of mind to one single object and allows the other thoughts to remove. During the practice, it helps in getting a peaceful mind with high concentration. 

Vipassana Technique of Meditation

Vipassana is another Buddhist meditation technique. This technique is based on observing yourself. 

So here we are instructed to observe your thoughts which come to your mind. This is a very excellent way of removing all the stubborn thoughts that come to your mind. This technique is very helpful in recovering from depression

While a person stays in depression, the same thoughts come in their mind and make you feel more negative than before. When you start the Vipassana technique, then it helps in removing the negative thoughts and recover your mental health through it. 

When you start finding the root of negative thoughts, then you can see and remove them and thus regaining the inner peace and concentration. 

How to do Vipassana Meditation 

  1. Sit in a comfortable position in which you can stay comfortable for a longer time.  
  2. Now focus on your breath as told in the Samatha technique. Focus on your breath for five minutes. 
  3. Observe your thoughts that come in your mind and do not try to remove them. Just observe what comes to your brain. There is no need to fight or cling in them. 
  4. Most of the cases, this helps in removing all the thoughts, but if a stubborn thought comes in your mind then you can follow the last step. 
  5. If you find that a thought is coming too many times over and over, then follow this.
  6. Start describing the thought in various ways i.e. What words it involves, what thought comes as & what image you see while the thought comes. 
  7. The last step is to convince your mind, that it is just a thought. Find an alternative thought for this. 

 You can practice the last step this way. 

  • For example, The stubborn thought is “I am not good enough” in your mind. 
  • Now first tell your mind what type of thought this is. 
  • Now after realizing this is a very useless thought. 
  • This is just a thought and is not real. 
  • Start replacing it with a new thought “I am good enough”.
  • Repeating this for a few days will help you get over it.
  • In a few days, you can focus on your breath and make yourself a peaceful mind. 

The mentioned above techniques are useful for increasing concentration and creating a peaceful mind. If you found this article useful, then you can share it with more people to spread awareness.

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