Vicks VaporRub for Hair Growth and Scalp Psoriasis|Male baldness


No one wants to be bald and hence many pay attention to their hair and the way it grows. We all are aware that as one grows older, their hair growth decreases and is hampered. Hence we would like to throw light on hair and how one can use – Vicks vaporrub for hair growth!

Many people question – Can Vicks vaporrub stimulate hair growth. The answer to this is yes! And hence if one feels that their hair growth is just very slow or if they are going bald then do apply vicks vaporrub!

Vicks for Hair Growth and Treatment

Vicks vaporrub for hair growth is a very good home remedy. It is natural and one doesn’t have to try too hard to apply this remedy.  Vicks is recommended for hair growth as it is available everywhere and anywhere!  The reason behind why it is being used is because it contains camphor, lavender, eucalyptus, and menthol. These contents are very good for hair growth and hence the need to stress son Vicks vaporrub for hair growth!


Hence, the good part is that it is easily available and many women can just massage it on their scalp or apply it like a oil. However, there is always another side to every story. In this case, we are going to stress on the cons of Vicks vaporrub for hair growth

First and foremost it can cause an allergic reaction.  Thus, if it doesn’t suit your skin or hair, then we will advise you to not use it.

Second, it contains petroleum. This ends up preventing moisture from getting out and getting in. Due to this, there are women who like to stay away from hair products that contain petroleum. Thus, think twice before applying vicks vaporrub for hair growth

Thus, Vicks vaporrub though suggested for hair growth may not suit anybody and everybody and hence one should do their research before they plan to use vicks on their hair!

Vicks vapor rub for male pattern baldness

Many men go through a stage of baldness. This is restricted to not only men but the female gender as well. Thus, we provide vicks vaporrub for hair growth as a remedy! This is a very good remedy to not only promote hair growth but also cover bald patches.


This helps hair growth because it contains contents like eucalyptus oil, menthol, and camphor. These three are very helpful in promoting hair growth. Eucalyptus helps to cool down the scalp and reduce inflammation. Menthol and camphor, on the other hand, moisturize one’s scalp and reduce dandruff. When these three elements are combined, Vicks vaporrub is considered excellent to boost hair growth!

In terms of how to apply it – but vicks on the bald patches, or on the whole head. The main idea is that vicks should be rubbed in deep into the scalp and one should keep it on for at least 10 minutes. One should do this before every watch to see instant results!

Vicks vaporrub scalp psoriasis | Dandruff  H3

As mentioned earlier vicks vaporrub for hair growth does wonders, however, the benefit of vicks does not stop right there. It also helps to do away with dandruff. Thus, we are going to elaborate on how vicks vaporrub helps to do away with dandruff.  To provide an answer to Vicks for dandruff – read below!

As far as dandruff is concerned is it basically caused by a fungus called malassezia. Why vicks helps is because it contains antifungal properties that help prevent dandruff. Thus, one is suggested the massage vicks into the scalp and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. However, what one should keep in mind is that the petroleum within vicks may be a difficult task to take out, and hence one should be prepared to shampoo vigorously


Thus, it is safe to say that vicks Cures Everything like Hair Growth and Baldness. Hence, we have laid down various benefits of vicks in terms of hair. We have stressed ample on vicks vaporrub for hair growth, and how vicks has been helpful in doing away with dandruff and baldness. However, there are various other benefits of vicks that should not be undermined. Some of them being –

Other benefits of Vicks vaporrub

Good for cracked heels
cracked heels

If one wants to get rid of cracked heels then they should apply Vicks on it and then cover it by wearing socks. One is suggested to this at night, and wash it off in the morning when you get up. Thus, Vicks vaporrub should be applied if one is fed up of their cracked heels!

Does away with toenail and fingernail fungus

Vicks is very good in doing away with fungus. These be whether on toes or on the fingers. All one has to do is dip a cotton ball into vicks and then massage it onto the fungal area. This is definitely a very good home remedy and one will find instant results

Reducing stretch marks
stretch marks

Many people have praised vicks for helping in doing away with stretch marks. One is required to put the stretch marks on the area and then cover that with a plastic sheet. This will help in full absorption. A lot of people have tried this remedy and have come up with positive results!

Good for chapped lips

If one is suffering from chapped lips, then all they have to do is apply vicks on to them. It makes the lips smooth and does away with all discomfort and dryness. Thus, if you have chapped lips then you know the best solution – Vicks vaporrub!


Hence, though our main motive was to stress on vicks vaporrub for hair growth, we have outlined and defined other benefits of vicks as well. Thus, not only is this very good for the hair, doing away with the dandruff and baldness, but it also relieves one of cold, dry lips, gives a refreshing feeling and is good for stretch marks as well! We hope this article has helped you understand how vicks va

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