Virgin Coconut Oil Uses and Benefits for Hair & Babies


In today’s age and day, everyone is going through stressful times and in order to relieve them of it, virgin coconut oil is used. This oil has many benefits, it’s not only good for hair and skin care, but also for babies and little children. Massaging these infants with virgin coconut oil can be quite beneficial. This oil has a very good fragrance and is rich in anti-oxidants.

What is virgin coconut oil?

virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is gaining immense popularity. It is extracted from coconuts without using heat. In fact, the oil is gaining way more popularity as compared to the normal coconut oil. This is actually for a good reason. The difference between the ordinary coconut oil and virgin coconut oil lie more in the source – which mainly includes the way these oils have been extracted and its benefits.

Uses of virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil benefits for skin

good for skin

This oil is very beneficial as it helps in skin cleaning and aids in moisturizing the skin. Thus one should use virgin coconut oil as it helps to moisturize the skin and make it smoother. Apart from being a natural moisturizer, this also removes the dead skin and makes it stronger. Many people use virgin coconut to massage their bodies, and this definitely does wonders.

Virgin coconut oil benefits for hair

hair growth

This oil is very good for the hair as it brings about a shine to the hair and makes it look very healthy!  Apart from adding a shine to the hair, this oil makes the root of the hair strong, thus promoting the growth of the hair, and keeping them shiny and beautiful.

Builds one’s immunity

Virgin coconut oil is also very good for the immunity and it helps to prepare the body in producing antibodies and by doing so there is no doubt that the immunity system improves. This oil creates antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties!

Helps to keep the heart strong

strong heart

There has been a study that showcases that the health of the heart has become stronger after people started consuming this oil. contains high fatty acids, but these are not considered bad. In fact, people say that these tend to reduce bad cholesterol and saves the heart from diseases and infections.

Reduces weight

weight loss

Obviously, virgin oil is very good to reduce weight. This is mainly due to the fact that they produce minimum fatty acids which are used by the body for just energy. Thus, there is a very little amount that is stored as fat. Hence, there is absolutely no doubt that virgin oil can help reduce weight

Gets rid of stretch marks

stretch marks

One can experience stretch marks not only due to pregnancy but also because of sudden weight gain. To do away with these stretch marks one is suggested to apply and massage the affected area with the help of virgin coconut oil

Makes the digestive system better

good digestive system

Virgin coconut oil in the right amounts can help to make the digestion better. Thus, if one is suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, then it is suggested to consume virgin oil

Hormones and thyroid function

Virgin oil is very good to enhance the metabolic rate. This leads to an increase in energy and does better to the thyroid functioning. Apart from all that, it also contains lauric acid. This is useful because it helps to balance the hormones and also increase the estrogen levels.

Good for yeast infections

Virgin coconut oil also helps those with yeast infections and women undergoing any other diseases. Thus, by using virgin oil – women can relieve themselves of the various infections and diseases they may suffer from sex

Diabetes and insulin resistance


Virgin oil is actually very good for people who suffer from diabetes. This is mainly because it tends to increase the secretion of insulin in the body, without causing an insulin spike. Thus, people with diabetes should intake virgin oil.

Virgin coconut oil benefits for baby massage

This particular oil is very good to massage babies and is extremely beneficial to make their skin smoother and softer. This oil makes the baby fins solace and improves things like colic to digestive problems.

Of course, one should massage their child with virgin oil several times a week. This should be done when the baby is calm and not cranky. Massaging your baby can lead to a very relaxing time.

Difference between virgin coconut oil and coconut oil

Nevertheless, there are many evident differences between virgin and coconut oil. The main difference between the two is the amount of refining the oil undergoes. Virgin coconut oil is extracted from the coconut in the most natural way, without the use of any filtering. With virgin oil, there are no chemicals used in the process.

There is also a difference between the taste and the smell. Virgin oil will have a good fragrance and sweet taste to it, while coconut oil, on the other hand, loses much of its taste and smell

in addition, coconut oil is also made of copra. This leads to the thickening of the oil, and hence when that happens – it is not very useful as a moisturizer on the skin. Hence, the regular coconut oil may not be as good as the virgin oil on the skin. Hence, one should study the difference between these two oils before applying them.


Thus,  above have been laid down detailed information on virgin coconut oil and its benefits. Not only is virgin oil goof for older people, but also very helpful for giving massages the babies every day. There is nonetheless a vast difference between virgin and coconut oil. Virgin oil is less exposed to chemicals as compared to coconut oil, hence making the former a better option. Virgin oil is good to lose weight, helps the skin to glow, aids in reducing weight, and also promotes hair growth and makes it shiny.

Hence, there is no surprise that one should make virgin oil a part of their everyday diet – especially if the person wants to follow a healthy lifestyle not just for him, but for the baby as well.

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