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Walnut Black Side Effects and Benefits | Dosage Guideline Home Remedy

Innumerable Walnut Benefits and Side Effects to Remember

Black walnut extract benefits and side effects are innumerable. It helps with mental health, heart health, quality of sperrm in men and sharpens the memory.

Surely, everybody must be aware of health benefits of walnuts. But you mustn’t be knowing that walnuts being a type of dry fruit can have several health benefits. It is good for almost all the organs of our body.  But with benefits comes the drawback or dangers too. So, today here in this article we are going to shed some light on walnut benefits and side effects. Bear with us to know more about this essential nut. We would talk about how it should be consumed to take the benefit of its most of the properties. Let’s discuss walnut benefits and side effects consequently. Do check our article on walnut oil health benefits.

walnuts side effects
walnuts side effects

What is a walnut?

Well, walnut is a nut which is very rich in nutrients. This grows on trees. It is a seed in real which is derived from drupe. It is packed with fatty acids and nutrients.

Types of walnut:

There are several types of walnuts. They are English, Persian and black walnut. Mainly English and Persian species are used for production as black walnut does not have a fruitful harvest. Moreover, the hulling of black walnut is not convenient. So, only normal walnuts are grown and eaten all across the world in different countries.

What are the health benefits of walnuts?

So, first of all we are going to talk about the health benefits of walnuts. Read them carefully for consuming the right proportion of them in the diet:

Good for heart health:

heart care through walnuts

There is no doubt that most of the nuts being very rich in their nutritional properties are very good for heart health. Likewise, walnuts aid the functioning of the heart to a greater degree by giving it immense support. Why does this happen? It is because they come with Omega-3 fatty acids which are really very helpful for the heart. On the regular consumption of walnut in a regulated manner, one can easily keep away from all the heart problems.

Good for brain:

memory build-up through walnuts

All the nuts are very good for sharpening the brain by improving the memory of an individual by twofold. Similarly, walnuts are inevitable when it comes to owning a great memory to be aided in studies and professional life going forward. It is not a myth that one needs to have nutritional diet in order to absorb the information about different things, thus it is very essential to eat that all which can aid one’s better mental growth.

Male fertility:

quality of sperm in males improves through walnut

In modern era, the male fertility has become a matter of concern for many researchers. Why do men sometimes face the problem of fertility even after being healthy is still not answered perfectly? But the right diet plays a very important role in preserving that for long. Therefore, many researches happened on this matter to come up with some solution and it was found that walnuts do help in improving the quality of sperm leading to the successful child birth rate. So, it was one of the walnut facts.

Good for bone health:

walnut good for bone health

Essentially, it helps in maintaining a better bone health. Generally, bones start weakening during the ageing process. But the inclusion of walnut in the diet in right proportion can help people with this problem. When we talk about women, problem of bones does not gear in their old age but after passing their 30s. Their bones start starving due to shortage of calcium. So, they have to be even more cautious when it comes to their bone health.

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Good for weight control:

walnut is good for controlling weight

It is surprisingly very helpful in maintaining the right body weight. It happens because one feels fuller even after eating these nuts in a very low quantity. People even try mixing them in several types of beverages to kill their craving for food. Of course, it is a very good solution for the people who are very foodie and cannot control themselves after seeing the food.

Good for patients of diabetes:

walnuts control diabetes

Undoubtedly, these nutritional nuts are very helpful for the patients of diabetes because they are rich in fatty acids. When people take walnuts carefully, they do not cause any weight gain. Diabetic people also have to refrain from gaining a lot of weight. So, they are good food source for them in reducing the effect of diabetes 2.

Side effects of consuming walnut in an unregulated manner:

Along with the benefits, the side effects also come with walnut consumption. Let’s see what these side effects could be:

Weight gain

weight gain if walnuts are overconsumed

Don’t consume walnut in a very high quantity because it can cause a lot of weight gain. So, you can limit it to only 3-4 walnuts on daily basis, not more than that. If consumed more, then it can similarly cause the problem of acne. So, steer away from their high consumption.

Not good for pregnant women

walnuts are not for pregnant ladies

Of course, the consumption of walnuts is not good for pregnant women. It is because walnuts can cause allergies to them. Even the women who are still breastfeeding, they should not eat walnuts.

Not good for people with asthma

asthma gets worsened through walnuts

Due to high risk of allergies, they are not even recommended to people with the problem of asthma. In asthma, of course, one needs to try to be away from all the eatables that can worsen the asthma.

Causes nausea

nausea due to walnuts

Overconsumption of walnuts also causes nausea, so try to avoid eating them more.  It’s again because they cause allergies. As you know, nausea is a one kind of virus or infection. So, to recover from it, you need to stop eating walnuts completely during that time.

Causes lip cancer

lip cancer due to over consumption of walnuts

There is no doubt that walnuts are anti-cancer. Also, they are good for the skin of overall body and walnut benefits for hair too, but they are not good for the skin of our lips. If they are applied on our lips on regular basis, then they can cause lip cancer because of harmful chemicals which are found in them. So, it is important how to eat walnut.

Benefits of black walnut

black walnut
black walnut

Black walnut is lesser known cousin of its well known counterpart, but it comes up trump against the later on more than one parameter.  Typically it is found in wild unlike the normal walnut which is orchard grown.

Lower Blood Pressure

It contains arginine an amino acid. This converts nitric acid in the body to Nitric oxide a vasodilator. It easily means that blood supplying vessels become larger. This reduces the overall blood pressure and makes the vessels supple and healthy. It reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Black walnuts are high in fatty acids and antioxidants. Higher nut consumption has been proven to lower risk of sudden cardiac death, heart attack and heart disease. They are rich in Omega-3 fats. These are the welcome fats as they reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. They also contain phytosterols or plant sterol which combats high cholesterol.

Walnut makes you smart

They are the top food for brain health, they won’t convert you into an Einstein but they certainly help rev up the brain. The benefits are recorded for newborns, adults and the elderly. They ameliorate age-related cognitive disorders. 

Improve your general health

Walnuts are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols.  They strengthen a weak immune system and stop premature aging and Liver damage associated with you know what.

Weight loss

Weight loss is a lot about will power, exercise and right diet.  There is another element to it walnuts. Multiple studies have concluded that adding walnuts to your diet can help reduce your weight better.

Type -2 diabetes

Type-2 diabetic adults respond to walnut by way of healthier insulin performance. They somehow improve the body’s capacity to absorb sugar better

Protection against neurological disease

Disease like dementia, Alzheimer are warded off or their progress slowed down if walnut is used regularly.


We definitely came up with this article just to remind you once again that whatever seems inevitable and highly beneficial is not always effective. One should never exceed the recommended doses of anything whether in case of walnuts or any other food items. Please make sure that you eat them in a regulated way and only once in a day that too in morning time. Quantity of walnuts per day should be 4 pieces for people with good weight, while people with thin body built can have 8-12.

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