Several Walnut oil health benefits and their instant results

walnut oil health benefits

Walnut as well all know is a portion of healthy food and comes with a lot of advantages. However, what most people are ignorant about is that walnut is not all good; it also has its cons. In our initial articles we had already laid stress on walnut benefits and side effects – however, today we are going to move beyond as emphasize on walnut oil health and walnut oil health benefits.

Thus, many elaborate and question the walnut oil uses. Walnut oil can benefit one in many forms; therefore this article is going to stress on some of those beneficial effects that walnut oil has:

walnut oil

Walnut oil health benefits

Fight against fungal infections

Walnut oil is an important factor in fighting fungal infections. All one needs to do is put cold compressed in that very region. One can also add a pinch of tea tree oil to the walnut oil. This should be done as often as one can. This oil is also good for skin, especially when one has pimples.

Walnut oil for skin

Walnut oil and skin go hand in hand. This is so, as this oil contains properties that enhance one’s youth and makes their skin glow along with looking younger. It is useful because it consists of Vitamin B and Vitamin E. One can also make a pack when mixed walnut oil with honey. The pack rejuvenates one’s skin and keeps it young!

Does away with dark circles

dark circles

We all know that dark circles are very common and usually arise due to the lack of sleep. Walnut oil is very effective in terms of reducing these dark circles. All one is required to do is to gently massage this oil below the eyes. Once this is done every day, a couple of times a day – one will see the difference and a glow on their face!

Walnut oil for hair

walnut oil for hair

One of the walnut oil health benefits is that it is very good for the hair. It fights hair fall – since it contains omega 3 fatty acids which are very good to prevent damage to the hair. Apart from just hair loss, walnut oil also aids in fighting dandruff. This is done as the oil helps to maintain the scalp and remove all oil from it. Thus, due to walnut oil one will find themselves with an oil-free scalp. Finally, walnut oil also helps in promoting hair growth as it contains a high amount of potassium. This property is very essential in promoting hair growth. Thus! Walnut oil is very crucial for good hair.

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Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

One of the walnut oil health benefits is that it replenishes the chances of cardiovascular diseases. Consuming large amounts of walnut oil will help reduce cholesterol levels – thus, also aiding in reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases.  Thus, one is suggested to include walnut oil in everyday foods and diet!

Can help one sleep


Walnut oil helps provide one a good night’s sleep. It is rich in melatonin – this is basically a neurotransmitter chemical which helps one to sleep. Apart from just this melatonin also removes stress and anxiety thus making sure one sleeps well and easily

Walnut oil and weight loss

weight loss

Walnut oil health benefits are many and a prevalent one being attaining weight loss. This oil is very good at cutting belly fat. In fact, walnut oil salad dressing is a great way to lose weight. Eat salads with a pinch of walnut oil and find your body getting toned and healthy. Thus, walnut oil is very active in terms of losing weight. People who are obese or slightly overweight should add olive oil in their diet and see the difference!

Boosts immune system

Walnut oil is highly essential in making the immune system better. They contain antioxidant and antibacterial properties which help the immune system to work better. Thus, if you are someone who tends to fall ill fast – then include walnut oil in your diet and you will notice the difference!

Cooking with walnut oil

Walnut oil as we all know is very healthy and hence cooking with walnut oil is a very healthy lifestyle that one can adopt. The taste is very good to add onto not only salads but fish, steaks and even pasta! Thus, walnut oil can be used in various ways in different dishes and it is very healthy!

Side effects of walnut oil –

Heart Health


One should talk to their doctors before using this oil internally, as the blood pressure lowering effects of this oil can create complications with other medications. Thus, one should consult their doctor before taking this oil

Blood sugar

Even though walnut oil is said to be very good for diabetic people, however, the oil can lead to low levels of blood sugar if used along with other drugs. Thus diabetic patients should be very cautious about using walnut oil and should consult their doctor before doing so

Skin inflammation

Walnut oil can very definitely cause skin inflammation. Thus, if one has sensitive skin then apply very little of the oil on your skin and wait to see if there is a certain rash developing. Thus, if one has sensitive skin then this oil may not be right for you!


Hence, above have been laid down walnut oil health benefits and the various ways in which this oil can help one to cope with low immunity, skin infections, hair loss and damage, and most importantly how to lose weight. However, apart from just the health benefits, we have also explored the side effects of walnut oil. Thus, with every good also comes the bad. If one uses olive oil every day, it certainly is good – but try staying away from the side effects. We hope the article came to much use and was a good read! Thus one should explore both the benefits and side effects of walnut oil.

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