Warts on face home remedy and their instant results

warts on face

Wart on face removal home remedy via nail polish, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar at home using various natural remedies for warts.

In an attempt to look beautiful people can go to any heights. One of these is removing warts on face.  As to explain what warts are, they are an ugly looking growth on the skin which is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).  Warts appear not only on the face but other body parts as well. This article will be helpful for those looking to read on – warts on face home remedy

Before we delve further let us understand what warts are.  In short, it is a small growth on any part of the body they are quite unpleasant to look at, and hence many try to figure out ways to remove them.

Types of Face warts

There are various types of warts. One being genital warts which appear in the genital area, and are tiny, thus cannot be seen properly. There are also plantar warts which emerge on the feet, and finally, flat warts which mainly take root in children and adults. We are going to lay stress on home remedies to cure warts

warts on face

The main relevance of the article is to lay stress on warts on face home remedy. Hence, we are going to lay down below how to get rid of warts on face home remedies

  1. Common Wart: A raised wart with roughened surface, mostly found on the hand and knees.
  2. Flat wart: A SMALL SMOOTH flattened wart which can occur in large number most commonly on hands, hands, knees, face, and neck.
  3. Filiform or digital warts: A thread or finger-like wart most common on the face especially near the eyelids and lips.
  4. Plantar Wart: A hard sometimes painful lump often with multiple black specks in the center, usually found on the pressure point at the center of feet.

Natural remedies for face warts



Garlic is good home remedy for warts. This is said to work because it contains allium sativum. This contains antiviral properties. One is required to take a piece of garlic and apply it on the wart. However, one should know that if they have sensitive skin then try avoiding garlic as it caused itching, burning and even tingling!

Lemon Juice

lemon juice

The juice is said to be a good remedy because it contains citric acid. The acid is very helpful in destroying the virus and getting rid of warts on the face. What one is required to do is apply some lemon juice directly on the face for a couple of minutes. One should do this every day for a couple of hours. This will show effective results.

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Pineapple juice

This is supposed to be good warts on face home remedy as it contains enzymes that will burn the wart off. However, it takes time and one needs the patience to see the results. Thus, do this every day for several weeks. Applying it right before sleeping is the best time!

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

This is supposed to be a good treatment when it comes to removing warts from the face. The best time to apply this is right before sleeping. Even though this is very effective, one should be warned that undiluted apple cider vinegar should not be used directly on the face as it is very strong and can cause burns and rashes

Clear nail polish

One of good warts on face treatment at home is to apply clear nail polish. Why this helps is because it tends to make the skin dry and thus causing warts to go away instantly. Even though this is not scientifically proven – many people have tried it and seen the results! Thus, this is beneficial warts on face home remedy

Duct tape

Duct take helps in removing warts. What one has to do is apply the duct tape on the wart and keep it on till it falls off on its own.  This is helpful because when one applied a duct tape – the oxygen supply in that area is automatically cut off. This would lead to the wart to fall off.

Use a banana peel

banana peel

Banana peel is also a very good wart on face home remedy. One is just required to put the peel on the wart and rub it. This works well because the enzymes that are there in the banana peel help to get rid of the wart and it also contains various other properties that are antimicrobial.

Apply potato

Applying potato on the skin is also a very good way to remove warts. One should cut the potato into half and rub in on the wart till it isn’t juicy and moist. One should use this technique every day for a couple of weeks – one will find instant results!

Aloe vera gel

aloe vera gel

We are all aware as to how effective aloe vera gel is and is used for several home remedies. Thus, in order to get rid of warts, one is required to apply this gel on the face infected with warts and see instant results! The best time to apply this gel is at night right before going to bed. One should be aware that this gel is very natural and apart from just helping with warts it also aids in doing away with other skin infections and rashes like acne, burns and permanent marks!

Nail polish:

Applying the nail polish to a wart overnight would deprive the skin cells of oxygen and would lead to their ultimate decline. This method may be not the preferred one for male gender as a nail polish might not be handy.

Ways to prevent warts

Even though we have laid down effective ways to do away with warts there are also some precautions that one should take. These being – try not walking around barefoot very often, do not bite your nails, Try wearing shoes in public bathroom areas, make sure to sanitize or even wash hands frequently and finally not sharing personal items like towels, razors, etc.


How To reduce common risk?

  • Warts are spread by virus hence avoid direct contact with it. It is like any other infectious disease.
  • Avoid brushing or shaving areas which have warts, If necessary use an electric razor.
  • Don’t pick on warts, picking them will increase the chance of infection
  • Wear flip flops or pool shoes in public areas, showers. Or public swimming pools.
  • The Virus is hardy and difficult to kill, but it can be destroyed using ultraviolet radiation. It can not survive above 212 F.
  • It attacks the body when the immune system is compromised following a disease like HIV/ AIDS or after organ transplantation.
  • Warts can become cancerous if the size and color change over a period of time.

When to go to a doctor

Hence, as mentioned warts can be treated with the above laid down-home remedies, however, there may come a point that the warts are left unaffected by the above ways. In a case when warts are just not ready to part ways – you should go to a dermatologist and get it removed instantly.  It should also be noted that the above home remedies may not have instant results and thus, one craving for fast results need to visit their skin doctor!

Consult your Doctor

When warts have become painful and are sensitive to touch. Despite using the above remedies, warts increase in size or number. In the case of adults when numerous warts begin to appear on the body, this signifies a malfunctioning immune system and need immediate medical attention.
When you are not sure about the nature of growth, it is just warts or is it something else.

Ayurveda and Warts – Some Ayurveda methods.

A mixture of lime and copper sulfate should be applied to the wart. Let it dry for 5 minutes. Use the stalk of betel leaf to rub the wart from the base inwards. The procedure may be painful, but should be continued till wart withers away.

Rubbing with the paste of Changeri leaves (Oxalis Corniculata) over the wart, the procedure should be continued till wart falls.

Application of Kshara jala (Alkaline water): It should be applied with a cotton squab over the wart for 4-5 hours. Care should be taken not to expose the normal skin to the alkaline water.

Horsehair or Kshara sutra:- Horsehair should be tied around the base of the wart and let the wart dry of its own.

Thermal Cauterization: Wart can be exorcised by a pointed metallic rod or by electrocautery. The procedure is painful. The wound caused should be treated with the application of the turmeric paste.

 Other Factors
  • The management of wart depends upon the age of the patient, the size of the infection, size, number, and type of warts involved. 
  • The management consists mainly of destroying warts by different warts like chemically, electrically or surgical removal. 
  • The later can be achieved by Cryosurgery (using liquid Nitrogen) Keratodytic ointments, plasters and solutions, electrodesiccation and destructive acids.


Although, warts are not very good looking, and having them on the face is the worst! Hence, we hope the above home remedies will help and guide one to do away with this unpleasant sight naturally without any side effects. As mentioned above, if the remedies do not apply or even work – then visit your dermatologist. Thus, we hope this article was very useful in enlightening you with the various home remedies

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