When to worry about heart palpitations and the home remedies

Heart palpitations home remedy and the various natural remedies or treatments to stop it by Relaxing techniques, electrolytes & keep drinking water

One’s health is a very important factor to be looked into. Be it their kidney, liver, stomach and most importantly the heart. With the enormous amount of stress that our generation is under, having any of the above problems do not come as a surprise. However, our focus today is the red and bloody heart. We are going to shine light on – when to worry about heart palpitations! A heart is a symbol of love, and when it loses its frequency or its pace, it can lead to one stepping over onto the dark side. Yes, any deformity in the heart can easily lead to death. Even though one has access to doctors, we do hope that the remedies we are going to lay down come to use, and work as natural ways of healing oneself

What are heart palpitations?

This is frequently seen as when one becomes aware of the pace of their heart. The heart might suddenly go fast or slow. Whatever the pace be, one becomes aware of its existence. One may also get the feeling that their heart has skipped a beat.

heart palpitations

Heart palpitations are felt on the chest, throat, and neck. They can obviously be very frightening, but most times they go away on their own, and hence there isn’t much to worry about.  Thus, we are going to lay down as to when to worry about heart palpitations.

Many raise various questions and are puzzled regarding this topic. Some question – can an irregular heart beat go back to normal? Should one undergo blood tests for heart palpitations? What are the different types of heart palpitations? And most importantly how to stop heart palpitations at night?

Symptoms of heart palpitations

Some of the very acute symptoms of heart palpitations include a feeling that the heart has skipped a beat, an enormous pounding in the chest, When one feels dizzy and lightheaded, Shortness of breath and a pain in the chest

If one falls under the umbrella of either of the symptoms – make sure to follow the home remedies and take care of yourself. Heart palpitations are not something one really needs to get stressed about. However, there may come a time when you should be worried. Hence, We will bring to light as to when to worry about heart palpitations and make one realize when that line has been crossed

Causes behind heart palpitations

heart palpitations

There can be various reasons as to why one has heart palpitations. One being, due to severe stress and anxiety, leading to a panic attack. Another reason may be overdoing it with the physical activity. Caffeine, nicotine and other drugs can also make you skip a beat. Apart from this, medical conditions like thyroid and low blood pressure can contribute to heart palpitations. There are certain medications that also play a role in experiencing this skip of a beat.

As mentioned before heart palpitations might not be a thing to worry about and hence we are going to help draw you a line. We are going to inform you that when to worry about heart palpitations!

Home remedies to stop heart palpitation

Relaxing techniques


One very good way to do away with heart palpitation is by practicing yoga, meditating and keeping a watch on your breathing. These forms of exercise are very relaxing and help to do away with stress and anxiety – a major factor that causes the heart to skip a beat.

Apart from this, it is also a good idea to spend some time in the nature and expose yourself to the beauty outside. This is said to be very calming

Reduce stimulant intake

It is also necessary that one makes certain changes in the way they live. For example, reduce any form of stimulant intake. These are mainly found in tobacco, drugs, coffee, tea, and illegal drugs

Hence, making a change in the way one lives and following a healthy lifestyle is very important in order to reduce heart palpitations.

If one has the capacity to worry about heart palpitations, then the above should be followed

Focus on the electrolytes

Electrolytes play a major role when it comes to the heart, and hence one needs to balance them. There are several diets that are rich in electrolytes and should be consumed for a healthy heart.

These being sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.  Having these incorporated in your diet, there are fewer chances of one leading to worry about heart palpitations!

Keep drinking water

drink water

Water is very essential and helps to do away with heart palpitations. When a body doesn’t have much water in it, then the heart is under pressure to work harder in order to circulate blood. This stress on the heart can lead to heart palpitations.

Hence, one is suggested to drink a lot of water every day. Especially so when one’s urine is dark, when one can sense an increase in the heart rate, or when one suffers from a dry mouth

Thus, drink a minimum of at least eight glasses of water a day!

Avoid alcohol

no to alcohol

There are some people who drink moderately, while there are some who overdo in terms of consuming alcohol. If that is the case then one is recommended to stop immediately.

Overdosage of alcohol hampers one’s health as well as the heart. Hence, if you’re an alcoholic and drink tremendous amounts of it – it will be no surprise that your heart will fall weak and you’ll suffer from heart palpitations.

Hence, if you cannot live without alcohol, then it is the right time to worry about heart palpitations!



By exercising every day one can restore the strength to the heart. This is a good way to keep your heart healthy, along with the other benefits that exercising will endow on you. Exercise can be in any form you like, be it cycling, jogging, yoga, trekking. One can make it as adventurous as they want – so that they don’t find it monotonous and get bored of it

Exercising makes the heart stronger and hence reducing the chances of heart palpitations. So, what are you waiting for – get on your feet and exercise!


Hence, we hope the above home remedies come to use, and one can understand the line at which one should worry about heart palpitations. If the palpitations are severe, we advise you to go see your doctor. In a severe scenario, the above home remedies may not come to us

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