Fruits that a Diabetic Patient Must Avoid to live a Healthy Life

Worst Fruit for diabetics. Fruits chart for diabetes patients. Select a fruit based on fructose, sugar, Glycemic level, fibers and anti-oxidants in a fruit

A diabetic person is very selective in his food. There are so many food items which need to avoid for a healthy lifestyle. Fruits and vegetables are seen as safest but all fruits are not safe for you. 

This article is for someone who is diagnosed by diabetes or dealing with it from last few years. Many of us who are diabetic does not know about the fruits which can be harmful for the diabetic. 

Why Avoiding some fruits by a diabetic?

After reading this, you will be able to know all the fruits which must be avoided by people to control their sugar levels. 

Some fruits which are advised to avoid is because of high glycemic levels. Glycemic levels decide how much carbs in food to raise your blood glucose. 

Another measurement is called glycemic load.

Low Glycemic Load  10 or lower
Medium Glycemic Load 20 to 50
High Glycemic Load 50-100

Both these measurement units are needed to decide whether a food is good or bad for diabetics. 

Fruits Which should not be taken in Diabetes

All fruits are healthy diet, but not for diabetes patient. Here we will provide you all the details of some fruits which should not be eaten or less eaten to avoid any diabetes attack.


health benefits of dry dates

Dry dates have high glycemic load of 42. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition “Fruits with less carbs and do not exceed more than 15 g of carbs must be avoided”. The recommended way to eat any fruit is that it must be juicy and fresh. Eating concentrated sweets like dates and raisins are high in calories and carbs which result in bad effect to diabetes. 


The glycemic load in raisins is 28. The raisins are seen as less juicy and more sweet. It has more calories and carb content in it. This is why raisins are not recommended for the diabetic patients. 

As told earlier, that fruits with more juicy content are better for a dibetic patient rather any dry fruit 


Sultanas are dry grapes which turns golden. It is observed with glycemic load of 25. Just like raisins, they are not very healthy food for a diabetic. 

If you are fond of this food, then you must have seen that they are very tasty. Due to its taste, we are not able to resist and eat plenty of it. However , eating one or two won’t affect you in your sugar levels. So you need to keep an eye on how many you are eating. 


Bananas are also avoidable fruit for a diabetic person. SOme of us are disagreed by this, but here how it must be avoided. 

The carbs content of a fruit is very dependent on the blood sugar levels. The amount of carbohydrates present in a fruit can be used to predict how much sugar can it increase in your blood. According to American Diabetes Association, bananas is on the top of High Carbs fruits list. 


Mangoes is an energy fruit, but for a diabetic it is a poison. If you are fond of eating mango, then you must take it in very limited quantity. A small cup of mango is comprised of 22 gm of carbs. 

A big mango can heighten the levels of carbs and sugar in the blood in a few minutes.  Mango also has abundant amount of fructose in it. The fructose is being digested by liver which can increase the levels of triglycerides.

So a person with diabetes must eat very less mango in order to stay safe from any diabetes attack. Only a small serving can be good on a regular basis. 


The high content of carbs and high glycemic levels can increase your sugar levels. Pineapple is however a very nutritious fruit, but for a diabtesic it won’t help much. There are many nutrients in the pineapple which are harmful for diabetes . These are vitamin C, thiamine, and manganese. 


A breadfruit of medium size consists of 600 gm of carbs in it. The people who are looking for energy based fruit usually eat this fruit. In case of diabetes, it won’t help you much. Person with diabetes must avoid this fruit completely. Breadfruit is highly comprised of starch. A ripe breadfruit has enough sugar (starch in ripe condition) to make you feel ill in case of diabetes


Watermelon is a juicy fruit which was told earlier to be healthy for a diabetic. Well, here its an exceptional case with watermelon. Melons are high in sugar and it can spike sugar levels high as compared to any other fruit. 

How to decide whether its good for diabetes or not ?

Fructose Level

The fruits which are high in fructose levels must be avoided. Fructose is processed by the liver and sent to the blood vessels in very limited time. And as the fructose levels in the body increases, sugar levels can increase dramatically. 

Another part of the story is that sometimes people’s bodies respond differently in diabetes. Many people having the same type of diabetes can react differently for the same apple. Ine feeling ok after eating an apple. While other’s blood sugar levels may spike due to it. 

One must watch the affects of all the fruits which they eat regularly so that they can see which fruit is doing bad effects on them. A list must be maintained for the same to avoid any further complications. 


Fruits with more fiber in them are mostly seen as good for diabetics. Fiber helps in removing the bad cholesterol from the heart and helps in achieving a healthier life to the patient. 

Another point that must be known is that fruit in fresh, baked and steamed may change the fiber levels in the food. 


Fruits which are rich in antioxidants must be included in the diet. Antioxidants are helpful in reducing free radicals in the body and also helps in improving heart health health. 

The simplest way to find an antioxidant rich fruit is by its color. More colorful the fruit is, more antioxidants are found in it. 

A Simpler way 

The fruit who are needed to be peeled must be avoided. These are bananas, melons and mangoes. While the fruits which are not needed to be peeled are good for diabetes in general i.e. apples, pears and berries. 

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